Numbers, with Dr K P Yohannan

Programme titles (2 DVD set):

1. Membership (God's Databank)
2. Christ at the Centre (Special service!)
3. Dedicated to the Life of Christ (God's travelling house completed)
4. Christ or cucumbers? (The three-day itch)
5. Hope in Christ (Canaan - giants, grapes and grasshoppers)
6. Jesus Christ the High Priest (Who is on the Lord's side?)
7. The Power of Christ (The dangers of a divided heart)
8. Keeping hope in Christ alive (A new generation)
9. Christ the Conquering Judge (No deals with evil)
10. Sharing our Hope in Christ 

Dr K P Yohannan

We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of our dear friend K P Yohannan. He died on 8 May 2024 following a cardiac arrest whilst receiving treatment for injuries received from a tragic accident when he was struck by a car whilst on his morning walk. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends and we give grateful thanks for the way he ran the race so faithfully for so many years. Millions of lives have been impacted by his ministry and we praise the LORD for all He has done through K P. An obituary can be found at

About the book of Numbers

The Book of Numbers takes us deep down into the workings of Church. In this book of the Bible we see how the structure and organisation of a local church is one of the most important matters in human life. In a local church, we are learning to be truly human and how to live a full life together, filled with the life of God and walking onwards and upwards to His great and certain hope.

Do we seek first this Heavenly Kingdom? Do we care more for His Kingdom, His Church, His righteousness, than for all the momentary comforts of this passing age? These are the questions that the book of Numbers puts to us over and over again.

The video study features Richard Bewes as the chair, and special guest K P Yohannan.

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Study guide

The Book by Book Numbers Bible study guide is perfect for small group Bible studies. It’s split into 10 sections that are ideal for week-by-week study, with each section featuring discussion questions to help you think more deeply as you read through each part of the book. 

This Bible study on Numbers is ideal for personal and small group Bible study. You can use the book on its own, or use it alongside the DVD resource for a more interactive study.

The Numbers Study Guide is authored by Paul Blackham. Here is a sample chapter:

Dr K P Yohannan was the Director of Gospel for Asia, which testifies to the reality of Jesus with workers in 11 Asian nations. K.P. travels to many nations, speaking on behalf of the suffering and needy in our world, calling for an authentic following of Jesus. He has authored more than 200 books and his weekly radio broadcast, “Road to Reality,” is heard over 500 radio stations around the world. His wife, Gisela, served the Lord with him, and their two grown children serve on the mission field with their families.

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