Ezra and Haggai, with Ken Wright

Programme titles (1 DVD):

1. Returning from Exile
2. Opposition
3. God's hand was on us
4. Do not be unequally yoked
5. Give careful thought to your ways
6. The Desire of all nations

About the books of Ezra and Haggai

The Temple in Jerusalem was where Heaven and Earth met and the deep realities of God’s Kingdom were expressed. When the ancient church betrayed the LORD God, the temple was destroyed and they were led into captivity.  But the sovereign LORD had a plan to restore His people. 

Through Cyrus, He brought His people back to rebuild the Temple. But there were many obstacles – a long and dangerous journey, relentless opposition, and the temptation to choose other priorities. The books of Ezra and Haggai reveal the LORD’s amazing sovereignty over history and how His plan of salvation rescued His people from captivity, foreshadowing the birth of Messiah Jesus!

The video study features Richard Bewes as the chair, and special guest Ken Wright.

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Study guide

The Book by Book Ezra and Haggai Bible study guide is perfect for small group Bible studies. It’s split into 6 sections that are ideal for week-by-week study, with each section featuring discussion questions to help you think more deeply as you read through each part of the book. 

This Bible study on Ezra and Haggai is ideal for personal and small group Bible study. You can use the book on its own, or use it alongside the DVD resource for a more interactive study.

The Ezra and Haggai Study Guide is authored by Paul Blackham. Here is a sample chapter:

Ken Wright is the Chair of British Youth for Christ (BYFC), a youth movement set up by Billy Graham in Britain in 1946, whose mission is to take the Good News of Jesus relevantly to every young person in Britain. BYFC has contact with over a quarter of a million young people each month, working from of over 70 locations across England, Scotland and Wales. Ken is also Chair of Biblical Frameworks and was formerly Managing Director in Royal Mail, responsible for the operation of the UK’s postal service. He and his wife Jan live in London and are active members of All Souls Church, Langham Place.

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