About the book of Colossians

We live in an age, in a world, where there are just endless opinions… endless ideas… endless arguments. How can we ever find out the truth? What holds it all together?

The Colossian church lived in a pagan city that had all kinds of shrines, cults, colleges and temples. The ‘gods’ and angels were all mixed together with political power and money… forming a complicated vision of the universe.

Do we have to make the best of our lives – our science, our art, our technology, our law, our music, our politics, our diets and our philosophy – and then try to fit Jesus into the picture… or perhaps simply put Him into a box marked “spiritual” and leave Him out of everyday life entirely?

NO! Jesus is not part of something else. Jesus is the big picture. He is the Framework that makes sense of everything else. The only system that fits Jesus is a system that begins and ends with Jesus. When we begin and end with Jesus then we find that everything else fits in – everything else makes sense – everything we do finds a proper place.

The book of Colossians shows us how and why Jesus is the beginning and the end – the biggest and best, both in God and the universe!

This title has a study guide and the accompanying video programmes are available to watch on catchup on TBNUK - Please note that there is no DVD to accompany this title.

Study guide

The Book by Book Colossians Bible study guide is perfect for small group Bible studies. It’s split into 6 sections that are ideal for week-by-week study, with each section featuring discussion questions to help you think more deeply as you read through each part of the book. 

The Colossians Study Guide is authored by Paul Blackham. It features a new contemporary cover design, but is the same size as the study guides for all the other titles. Here is a sample chapter:

  1. Jesus is the Son He Loves 1:1-14
  2. Jesus is the centre of everything 1:15-29
  3. Jesus is all the fullness of God 2:1-10
  4. Jesus is the reality 2:11-23
  5. Jesus is at the right hand of God 3:1-17
  6. Jesus is our Master in Heaven 3:18-4:18

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