2 Samuel, with Nancy Guthrie

Programme titles (1 DVD):

1. How the mighty have fallen!
2. The One who will build a house for my Name
3. You are the man!
4. The hearts of the people of Israel are with Absalom
5. O Absalom, my son, my son
6. Praise be to my Rock

About the book of 2 Samuel

Who is the true King? Who reigns over all the kings, presidents, prime ministers, CEO's and celebrities of the world? We have all heard how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, can absolute power ever be safe in the hands of only one individual leader?

2 Samuel was written 3,000 years ago to show us how the LORD Jesus Christ is the King filled with life, the only one who is safe to reign over the whole universe. King David was raised up to be a sign and a witness to King Jesus. Even in his sins and failures, David shows us how King Jesus is the true King - David's King. When David allowed his own desires to rule him then he was not the ruler that Jesus called him to be. Yet, if David could be rescued from sins and failures, then so can we all. When we seek first Jesus the King and His righteousness, then everything in life makes sense and falls into place.

The video study features Richard Bewes as the chair, and special guest Nancy Guthrie.

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Study guide

The Book by Book 2 Samuel Bible study guide is perfect for small group Bible studies. It’s split into 6 sections that are ideal for week-by-week study, with each section featuring discussion questions to help you think more deeply as you read through each part of the book. 

This Bible study on 2 Samuel is ideal for personal and small group Bible study. You can use the book on its own, or use it alongside the DVD resource for a more interactive study.

The 2 Samuel Study Guide is authored by Paul Blackham. Here is a sample chapter:

Nancy Guthrie is an accomplished author, speaker and Bible teacher. She says the most important thing God has given her is a love for Him and for His Word. Nancy and her husband David, live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, have a twenty-something son, Matt, and have had two children, a daughter, Hope, and a son, Gabriel, who were born with a rare genetic disorder called Zellweger Syndrome and each lived six months. Nancy offered many of the lessons she learned from this sorrowful experience in her 2002 book, Holding On to Hope: A Pathway of Suffering to the Heart of God. She and David host weekend Respite Retreats for couples who have faced the death of a child. She speaks regularly at conferences nationally and internationally, and is a regular contributor to The Gospel Coalition.

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