Titus and Philemon

Programme titles (1 DVD):

1. Titus, my true son in our common faith
2. Unfit for doing anything good
3. Make the teaching of God our saviour attractive
4. Eager to do what is good
5. Devoted to doing good
6. No longer as a slave

Titus and Philemon are world-changing books. Paul commissioned Titus to appoint trustworthy church leaders over all the new churches on Crete. Yet, he reminded Titus that he would have to find leaders from people who were naturally lazy, deceitful, evil gluttons! It is a fair description of humanity in general! Yet, the Living God takes just such people and in the washing of rebirth by the Holy Spirit, He can produce fruitful servants who are eager to do good. Instead of calling for a slave revolt or merely campaigning for new laws, Paul’s letter to Philemon brought about the most radical anti-slavery revolution of all: within the church family there would be no slave or free. These wonderful books show us how local churches are God’s agents for changing history.

Andrew was born in Dublin to English parents. Facing difficult questions about the meaning of life while in his teens, he came to faith at his first Christian Union meeting at university. He engaged in door–to–door evangelism as a young believer and, after 22 years’ service in Defence, Andrew trained at the London Seminary, following which he served a church in North London for six years. In 2014 he joined The Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Reading Association (SASRA) as Executive Director. He is married to Jo and has two married daughters, one granddaughter, and enjoys history, singing and playing the saxophone.

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