Joshua, with Sami Dagher

Programme titles (1 DVD):

1. Be strong and courageous
2. Crossing the Jordan
3. The Divine Commander's First Victory
4. Judging the Nations
5. Inheriting the Promised Land
6. Planning for the Future

If we are to really understand why the Living God allowed the events of the book of Joshua to happen and why the Holy Spirit recorded these extraordinary events for us, we need to approach the book in the full context of the whole Bible, understanding this special book in the way it was originally intended.  The name 'Joshua' is the Hebrew form of the name 'Jesus', meaning 'The LORD is salvation'.

If this book had simply been called 'Jesus' then the meaning of the book would have been much more obvious to all the readers down the generations.  It is a book about a man called Jesus defeating the enemies of the LORD God and bringing the Church into her Promised Land.  It is an ancient prophecy about the work of Jesus of Nazareth, born some 1400 years after Jesus son of Nun lived.

Sami Dagher is pastor of the Karantina Church in Beirut, Lebanon, president of the National Evangelical Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Lebanon, and founder of the Christian Alliance Institute of Theology in Beirut.

One of 12 children, Sami was raised near the Biblical town of Sidon. Sami accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour through the work of an American missionary couple. In 1971, he was invited to a conference in Amsterdam where Billy Graham preached, presenting the needs of Europe and the Middle East. At that time God called Sami into ministry.

Throughout decades of conflict in the Middle East, Sami has been a bold witness for the gospel, planting churches during Lebanon's civil war, leading relief trips into Baghdad during the Iraq war, and establishing Bible schools and an orphanage.

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